Day 83 of 182 (3 of 14 Korea)

HIGH POPULATION DENSITY…All night background noise of aeroplanes, traffic, trains, dance music…thankfully the bear bells on bicycles remained silent (bought for Hokkaido, but useful now in city with different kind predators)…bicycles triple chained after camp ground warden advised us…warden appeared last night carrying cardboard boxes & space blankets…and thermos coffee & 4 cups…that spontaneous kindness & warmth again…
Treat to not strike camp…gas cooked camping porridge (another unexpected Korean treat!) & coffee…walk through park headed cluster high rise buildings and 9 lane road…baseball great enthusiasm & shouting, public aerobics session, public weights tent (free access and use…tens of thousands pounds worth equipment), Tarmac velodrome (Joe very excited), swimming pools, protected nature reserve, rest of it…POPULATION DENSITY’s open spaces…
Amble town, bits & bobs, PEOPLE EVERYWHERE (smartphone shops too), beggars bling buy buy buy…find coffee shop wi if Heidi & Brad hunched over I-pad going in circles trying to make plans fill 2 weeks in Korea…Sam & Joe getting fidgety…outside big big cars tinted windows stalk cruise by…a motorbike mounts the pavement…clusters high rises way up in distant mountains… murky polluted fog hangs in air…
..return to relative calm space of park and our campsite…massive tent has been erected RIGHT NEXT TO OURS ?!?!? ( these are the ONLY two tents in a camp ground the size of two rugby pitches)…Clan Carroll stare at neighbours tent…erected upwind…exactly 4 metres away…sit in tent kingdom passive smoking cigarettes listening loud K POP music…leave tent, try out velodrome, Brad tries out public weights tent (realises all men & women around him probably served National Service and spent time doing weights in similar tents…thinks about implication living south of aggressive crazy nuclear neighbour)…visits a cycle shop manages to get an assortment bicycle specific sizes nuts & bolts…advantage of PEOPLE EVERYWHERE BUY BUY BUY…shops!
..supper in town fantastic Vietnamese meal…head over bridge 9 lanes commuter traffic…Sam excited technology buttons to push on bridge…final ablutions in campsite loo (a caravan) with soothing music that calms the body…
Tomorrow try out the Four Rivers Cycle route, see what happens. Hopefully leads safely into more Rural Korea and find feet better…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: if you have ever cycled on a velodrome with high winds you will find it quite an experience.



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