Day 84 of 182 (4 of 14 Korea)

Today Clan Carroll left Beggar Bling Buy Buy Buy BEHIND…they are…Back in Business! Smooth dedicated cycle lanes safe from stalking tinted windowed cars…and pavement hopping motorbikes…instead beautiful Cherry Blossom trees alongside the wide Nakdong River…returning many a thumbs up to passing cyclists riding/wearing THE LATEST in bicycle bling…passing exercise enthusiasts using public gym machines (even ones that flip little old ladies upside down)…no need to be self-conscious in Korea…

Eventually the last High Rise cluster (under construction) left behind and cycle traffic dropped off markedly…paid for cheap campsite beside river, wi-fi, hot showers, soothing loo music…shorts & sandals all day with another five dry days forecast…tomorrow, switch off brain and just follow the river smooth surfaced cycle lane, with free air pressure pumps & tools along the way…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we went on the largest cycle path that we’ve ever been on. We’re still not finished. But you know me, I’ll write about the birds! The Kestrels here are very common and lesser. It’s mostly males, Lesser.

First a few fully laden laps of the velodrome

Dream cycle lanes under cherry blossoms that have responded well to recent good weather

Loads of cycle bling to enjoy passing

A practical science & geography lesson

Great route signage, a sea of polytunnels to feed POPULATION DENSITY

An open campsite good value for money is a real treat

The day ends with relief that two weeks cycling in Korea will be a joy…


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