Day 85 of 182 (5 of 14 Korea)

Cycle Touring For Dummies continues…flat…smooth surface… dedicated cycle lanes… easy navigation…warm & dry…points of interest…blossoming cherry trees…another empty campsite with wi-fi (watched Song Of The Sea on I-pad in tent as holiday treat)…
A good few tech buttons to keep Sam happy and riverside birds for Joe. Heidi treated to coffee in anti-bling restaurant where we all whispered and were in awe of surroundings (sharing one coffee on account of cost)…a bus driver played his saxophone before his round started…Brad happy to resolved a few minor bike mechanical issues…
Tomorrow continue to enjoy passing through rural Korea…probably wild camp then onto Daegu POPULATION DENSITY for cheap motel to ride out the high pressure break and rainy day forecast.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Whilst cycling along a path when an Amur Viper came beside us. I waited a few seconds before (we were going very fast) CLICK. Then it slithered away.

All day on this…a dream

This viper, which Sam avoided by a few cm, got everyone a bit excited. No nasties in Scotland.

To buy food for next 48 hours we had to leave the paddling pool to swim again with sharks

During an hours lunch stop, Brad slept park bench, Heidi practiced learning Korean, Sam & Joe exercised

A rare Coffee & Cake treat

Wild Ginseng is harvested

Coffee Shop garden


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