Day 88 of 182 (8 of 14 Korea)

The rain forecast five days ago arrived…somewhat of a relief since reason for booking The Pink Motel…accuracy of weather forecasts in this region has made cycle touring life much easier…unlike Scotland, we can actually plan according to the weather…a week in advance!!!

So lovely indoor wake-up followed entertaining walk past all the outdoor shops…notable ship names : The Red Face and Kolon…subway into downtown Daegu…Sam in his element working out timetable & stations…so many exiting buttons and decisions to make…Heidi & Sam lead, Brad & Joe follow…easily distracted…subway striking spotlessly clean and shiny…find way into bookshop browse Korean books…Brad ventures basement shopping centre find camera shop very nearly unable find way back…Make Mental Note: don’t lose Sam or Joe!…venture above ground…city marathon underway evokes strong homesick memories for Brad…
Enjoy a city day in wonderfully named DONGA DEPARTMENT store, and in BUY BUY BUY urban Korea we eventually BUY: camera and Parmasan cheese…altogether great substitute to visiting Art & Cuture museum.
Return The Pink Motel (Brad takes eyes off Joe to take photo of rain with new camera…Joe nearly run over by Big Black Tinted Window car…second scary close-call in a week in Korea…3 months in Japan…zero)
In room succeed getting a DVD to play on Korean language computer…huge sense of achievement! Hang out, write letters, update diaries,shower etc…return to yesterday’s traditional and friendly Korean restaurant…rewarded for adventure of trying new dishes (Korean food much spicier than Japanese…)…back room begin preparing for Back On The Bikes tomorrow…also beginning to look ahead return to Japan…halfway point of six month adventure fast approaching…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Usually I complain to go to a shopping mall but in the end I stopped. Guess why? Because we went to the floor with FREE Segeways for testing. It’s simple forwards = fast and lean to steer!

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today and Joe rode on a Segeway- Free! (ed. draws example with detailed operation instructions). They were practically impossible to topple for me and Joe tried and failed. Their max speed is 12km p/h but stop slowly, so not for street rich cities.

Too true…

5:3 shopping parking ratio

Eleven lanes of traffic seen from DONGA DEPARTMENT STORE

Sam & Joe never enjoyed going shopping so much

Big Black Tinted Windows on the prowl…

 Bibimbap is hot…our favourite local

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