Day 89 of 182 (9 in Korea)

Shocking night sleep The Pink Motel….we all perform better under canvas…slight sadness heading on return leg of out and back paint by numbers cycle tour…nice to ride through snow of falling cherry blossoms petals…quick decision stop outside ordinary looking house with trucks parked front emitting INCREDIBLE smells – turns out local truck stop all-you-can-eat buffet £2.50 per head…I say next bit not lightly…

Top five feasting experiences…EVER…if you have never eaten in a Korean Restaurant trust us…try it.

On, on, on cooler weather ( no sun cream, less water)…gradual downstream now, revisiting recognised landmarks…Buddhist chanting highlight…about 70km stop at friendly cafe…friendly wee town (watching very effective Korean police breathalizing drivers)…last minute unplanned motel enquiry…YES…cheap, cheerful, somewhere for bikes…wash underwear basin, cook supper bathroom floor…home alone on iPad…futons sleep on…early night…jobs a good un…

Tomorrow sharp 13% climbs early on…keep following the river

JOE DIARY ENTRY: 3pm stop for Ice-Cream and watch police breath (ed. breathalizing). 6 were pulled over.

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Today we saw police breathalizing drivers. 5 people and a bus driver were fined, in the short half hour that we were there.



  1. Guys, this blog is a revelation! We had no idea you were keeping this record of your trip, I only wish we’d known earlier! It’s so nice to see your updates and share your stories. Looks like a lot of fun and adventure. Hope you’re keeping well, keep the news coming! Lots of love to all of you.


  2. Guys, this blog is fantastic and such a revelation! I wish we’d known about it sooner so we could have followed you more closely.(Naughty Brad for not sharing…!). I’ve thought about you so many times in the past few months and glad to be able to finally share in your adventure. Keep the updates coming and give my best high 5 to the boys and lots of love to you all. x


    • Hey Jaimin, good luck trawling through the self-indulgent wordiness of this blog…thinking of you guys and your own project.


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