Day 90 of 182 (10 in Korea)

Early morning start….planning for about 80km…HEAVY RAINFALL forecast in two days…plan to stay Busan Campground when rain arrives (rain days good for visiting museums, city cultural stuff)…first climb in mist (we reminisced of Orkney & Shetland adventures) Joe winning no-feet-down…Brad calls foul…Heidi ordered to walk because slight knee niggle and need to be careful with still three months cycling ahead…Sam walks to keep his Mum company…all bow to Korean applause greeting their cresting hill.. eat, drink, sun cream (mist being burned off)…descend…

Second 13%er arrives…Brad tries to crush 7 year olds spirits and attacks early on (Tour de Flanders highlights watched YouTube yesterday)…child cries…father too far ahead…mum and brother far behind…Child scared in no-mans land strange country…crest quick pause…group hug…father told off….gorgeous ridge descent much screeching brake pads…

Third wee hill…bottom four fully laden touring bikes meet up with two Carbon Fibre All-The-Gear Bike Bling Bling…start climb respectfully…Brad can resist no longer…attacks (seated on HEAVY steel tourer)…young Korean ego challenged, they up the tempo…9 yr old Sam matches pedal for pedal…then drops them…Heidi and 7yr old Joe keep Carbon Fibre company rest of the short sharp climb…at summit heavily breathing Carbon Fibre Young Bucks ask permission to take photo of secretly very pleased Clan Carroll family…it’s all good motivation for next 3 months when many more UP UP UP will be encountered…

This, with knowledge of no more significant climbs until Busan (and possibly many days deep into next Japan stint) all important morale was good…continue under blue skies with km after km cherry blossom slendour lined cycle pathway…mini whirlwinds of pink petals delight…stiff tail wind all day…

A satisfying day in the saddle, in Korea, in Spring…

Tomorrow should be final leg of this Korean Visa Drop PLAN B (oh Honeymoon island JE JU, I shall forever wonder about you)….tomorrow also marks half-way point of our six month adventure…

TOP TIP CYCLE TOURING WITH CHILDREN with CAMERA (applies to adults too)….THE SCENARIO…CHILD: “Stop stop stop, I’ve just seen a super rare (bird, button, bridge, beetle…etc..etc…)”…exasperated parent”but we just stopped a minute ago for that other super rare (bird, button, bridge, beetle…etc..etc…)…determined child or partner, “but if we don’t stop then I will whine and make your lives and the rest of this trip an absolute misery”…THE SOLUTION: parent or child, “OK, you know that you have THREE TRUMP CARDS, and you are using the second”

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today whilst cycling we stopped (ed. we?) to see a Heron acting strangely, when daddy shouted ‘hey is that a spoonbill?’ Yes, it was ‘spooning’ the water. (ed. draws Black Faced Spoonbill)

Caught up on much needed sleep in cheap BONUS MOTEL night treat

Climb one done


Between cherry blossom and rape seed we treated to bright spring colours


Caught some sun today

Bit of a chore keeping diary, but hopefully worth it


One comment

  1. Haha, Brad that is fantastic – I was eager to hear how you fared on the climbs. The fact you got in to trouble is hilarious. Naughty Dad. The fact that Sam dropped some “neo-pro’s” is simply sublime 🙂 well done Sam! He’s probably going to be dropping most of the Typhoons when he gets back!!! Oh – and great tan lines. 🙂


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