Day 91 of 182 (11 of 14 Korea) 

Clan Carroll strike camp (slick operation but STILL requiring Heidi’s ‘encouragement’ for the 7, 9 & 42 year old)…set off final leg of Paint-by-numbers cycle tour downstream Nanggongdang River…off-road cycling allows chat…cycling past Korean school (Korea famous for topping World Education Tables…and also, more sinisterly suicide tables) . Sight of school prompts Brad giving some informal education of 7 & 9 yr old…. Draw​ on ‘Animal Farm’, YouTube of North Korea, people met in Japan/Korea for decent discussion & chat comparing Communism (example NORTH KOREA, just North of current location, with Atomic Bomb) and Democracy (current location with extreme version Consumerism no Social Security Net still Death Sentence)…introduce more ‘isms’…Joe sees a Heron calls Trump Card (see day 90)…15 minutes stalking with camera later…schools over.

On on…Heidi tries ride over Amur Viper…just misses…pass coffee van along path…herd of MAMILS (Middle Aged Man in Lycra…your humble narrator does NOT qualify this title) cheer want photos…oblige one photo…oblige another…friendly becomes pushy (well meaning, but unwanted)…tactful refusal and cycling side-by-side again Sam & Joe introduced concept “Gentle Assertiveness’…point also made that the MAMIL herd had probably swapped their Big Black Tinted Window cars for a day in the saddle…and Bike Bling (as opposed to Bike Basket) is the necessary carrot…Joe sees a Kestrel calls Trump card…
On on…increased number Bike Bandit Bling listening Korean Pop on Bluetooth torch/speaker gadget signals approaching Busan, our final sleeping place in Korea…
On on, the day marking half-way of six month WWOOF & cycle journey from the very South to very North of Japan (with a two week Visa Drop stint in Korea) Brad, Heidi, Sam & Joe welcomed into Busan by thousands upon thousands (perhaps even millions) of adoring Koreans… all in Sunday Best…with cameras…on the same cycle path…for 10km…under words-cannot-do-justice splendiferousness of the Blossoming Cherry Blossoms…
Back to familiar site pitch 8, pitch tent on cardboard boxes on top of big chockies (stones) after persistent persuasion of site warden (our usual preference is to pitch on grass)…Joe immediately off to play football with two children neighbouring tent whose parents had come down from nearby high rise to set camp for the afternoon (cabin fever real issue living high rise)…Sam joins game later…

Heidi & Brad put up tent chatting to bicycle policeman (Jinuk Kim) on duty in the park …Jinuk Kim smiles and refers to Korea as ‘one crazy place’ a good few times…
later Brad returns sad from bike shop without his Alfred (his trusty steel steed)…Alfred will stay in shop overnight hopefully to be collected tomorrow with sparkling new rear derailleur…
Tonight and tomorrow HEAVY rainfall forecast (30 to 40cm) so plan metro into Busan for city day…balance mindless peddling with some culture (Sam & Joe school time)…but first, at Jinuk Kim’s recommendation lock bikes at his Police Station (when a policeman tells you that…)…possible ride in police car (Sam, Joe, Brad v. excited)…

JOE DIARY ENTRY: (ed. draws Magpie crossing the world (Korean National Bird…how appropriate is THAT?!)

Many people harvest plants improve potency

Many banks robbed

Many strange things

Beautiful Cherry Blossom and photo bomb opportunities 

Quick overview Korean history

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