Day 92 of 182 (12 of 14 Korea)

Heavy rain forecast arrived…heavier than expected…Brad visits Jinuk Kim at police station and gets hilarious fake arrest photo…gets lift back of police car but disappointed no Big Black Car arrests made…all seem to be obeying traffic laws and driving sensibly…back at campsite and soon Clan Carroll RULE THE ROAD as taxi’d to Metro in back of Police Car…
Busan Art Museum (mmm)…hang around aimlessly afternoon (a very rare thing)…evening highlight watch perfectly pitched ‘Eddie The Eagle’ (how much we miss British humour)…
Tomorrow another day marking time…THEN following day…re-entry to Japan (Inshallah) via ferry

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, tent almost flooded, police car is taxi, Eddie The Eagle.

JOE DIARY ENTRY:It rained so we “hitched” a ride in the police car in the back where criminals are kept. And we were inside a bullet proof car



 First three months

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