90 days remaining (13 of 14 Korea)

Hangin About Day…waiting waiting waiting…silver lining – no need to strike camp (third time in three months)…Brad returns from town after uploading yesterday’s riveting (and important) blog post (sits outside Starbucks on pavement piggy-backing internet…dignity? mmmph)…returns breakfast cereal and split forces morning: Heidi & Sam into town using ruse of needing internet time to plan next few weeks in Japan (ferry timetables, Golden Week holidays, potential hosts, cycle routes)..Brad suspects what REALLY happens is drinking coffee, eating food, spending money. Meanwhile, Joe and Brad, wander around designated river bank bird conservation area…(magpies, plovers, kestrels, shovel bills, parrot bills, turtles…the works) Joe tells Brad he’s worked out a new method for keeping happy, “just force yourself to smile”. Brad smiles.

Rejoin forces Heidi & Sam bring bags of fresh fruit, delicious Korean baked breads…and loads of exciting news about Japan Ferry & cycle routes and potential hosts.
 Later, a walk into town listening to REPEAT of the same Korean love song (think that bit in Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard but only higher, longer, and, of course, in Korean) being played on the Public Service announcement system (speakers spread throughout the city, like the tentacles of a hydra. Smashing the one above the tent, futile). So what’s happened? Either someone has PAID Busan council hefty fee to play song on REPEAT…or…it’s a deliberate (this theory is really frightening) ploy to enhance the experience of romantic walks beneath Blossoming Cherry Blossoms (which helps explain declining population trends)…or (most plausible) it’s been put on by mistake BUT nobody wants to tell the boss lest causes embarrassment of superior (big NO NO in Korea & Japan)…Brad hopes for more respect & tolerance on his home front and explains this wonderful concept Sam, Joe, and Heidi…”guys, maybe we could try it with our family?”…three blank stares…REPEAT song repeats.
Tomorrow, start a few days transition…First, escape REPEAT Korean love song…plan sub-way across Busan (avoiding certain death on Busan roads & pavements)…board overnight Ferry back to Japan then, hopefully clear customs (coach Sam & Joe to not mention WWOOF under any circumstances)…THEN one days cycle to port of next overnight ferry…then arrive Shikoku (famous reasons: Most mountainous, Most Pilgrimage Temples, Least populated of all Japanese Islands)…

Strange pets

Night time fun

Brad found himself strangely attracted to hairdresser wielding the scalpel 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Heidi. Following your journey on the blog – amazing experience for you all. Hope Joe is better now. Keep safe! Lots of love Jane, Simon and Florence

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