89 days remain (day 14 of 14 Korea)

Time to start moving again…huge sense of relief leaving campsite as new REPEAT song starts ( Gangam Style wannabe but not even close…as an aside, do have a watch & listen to Gangam Style HERE to get a sense of the crazy extreme Korea I’ve been harping on about)…
Although we are technically on a cycle touring adventure, the observant will note the odd use of airplane, train, and ferry. Today elevator and subway added…and today Clan Carroll learnt that in Busan, Korea gentle assertiveness leaves you stuck forever on Basement 1…to achieve ground level against the pressing tide of Korean commuters (apparently incredulous laughter at blatant queue jumping is rude) you need cunning…cunning is a four fully laden bicycle battering ram (parents outside, 7 & 9 yr old inside)…when Battering Ram fails (young person anxiety about missing the ferry high)…tears flow…Korean commuters (we are speaking off-peak SATURDAY!!!) embarrassed by tearful antics of grown man and, finally, finally, relent…
Careful thought into Parent-child pairings on subway: Heidi with Joe…Sam with Brad…Sam LOVING Busan underground, making sure everyone knows what’s happening next.
Afternoon set up camp Internet cafe (one X-rated disaster averted by Heidi’s quick thinking…both palms flat on screen)…
Board (sharp elbows) onto overnight ferry and settle in for hopeful smooth crossing…tomorrow expecting more cunning assertiveness to disembark ferry and get good position in security and Immigration queues in good time (60 km of cycling through two cities with headwind forecast)…and then, hopefully, re-enter calm and composed Japan

JOE DIARY ENTRY: wish the subway was a bullet train! Left Korea! 



Plan for the week ahead

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