88 days remaining (Japan re-entry)

“Visa Drop” Korea over…four British Passports now carry 90 day visas for Japan…this is how it happened: you know how in Meet The Parents 2 Ben Stiller’s character clears the whole airport/hire car rigmarole without a glitch and the audience suspects somethings amiss? That was us today…standing in the ferry lobby, eying up fellow passengers and the car deck doorway, psyching up for Cunning Assertiveness…a crewman approaches us, gestures towards a ‘no-entry’ door, “please, please”…he points, we walk (after three months in Far East we are now conditioned to obey without question)…and a good thing too!…First to disembark means First to enter large shiny Japanese Immigration hall…

The immigration officer was presented with two parents and their 7 & 9 yr children, all standing astride laden bicycles, wearing grubby fluoros & cycle helmets, saddle’s patched with silver duck-tape, bamboo repair jobs…no problem granting a 90 day visa…we are good for cycle tour up to Hokkaido 北海道.
What follows is relief at being back in Japan where we free and safe to venture off a Paint-by-numbers cycle route…free to plot our route on roads or pavements…hi-tech loos…read and speak basics to get by…smaller cars…
5 saddle hrs later (lots pavement riding…exhausting)…70km logged…shattered…happy…board ferry 9pm quick ferry ONSEN and pass out…
Tomorrow Brad up at 4.30am to take bikes off ferry then return sleep, all disembark 7am…then cycle north Shikoku peninsular hoping to reach several beautiful bridges…bit of a mystery…rain in two days time…making our way now to WWOOF five…

Heidi trying to ride over snakes again

30 min walk through bridge narrow pavement

Smaller cars safer roads


Urban riding…slow going
Another ferry

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