86 days remaining (17 days until Hokkaido)

Joe’s running a fever…luckily doctor close-by…Heidi complements calpol with plenty hugs…fever fluctuations…level of interest in birds tells us how the wee man is doing…easy mileage and saddle hours…plenty Steel works factories & ship building…quite something to see & HEAR & SMELL ship building (impressions of Tyneside & Glasgow yesteryear formed by Black & White still photos…lacking the loud banging booms and metalwork smells)…Sam taken with hillside ‘lifts’ snaking up steep orange tree farm hills…stop chat with family of Americans part of Navy enjoying their Spring Break hired bicycles cycling Seven Bridges route…first Western children we’ve met in over three months…chatting to them realise how long and far we’ve been in very foreign lands…coming out of the desert….internet today got a few messages from friends at home…lifting spirits…missing loved ones…
As sun begins to descend (dark by 7 rather than 6, and warmer making life easier finding wild camp spots)…while Heidi boys with laundromat Brad uses Sattelite image google maps check out few wild camp spots…hoping to find ONSEN too…nothing suitable…cycle inland find large public sport ground…find hidden corner near loos…ask one of few cool looking skateboard kids using skateboard park what they think…suck air through teeth denoting NO…we decide to anyway…stealth camping a bit tonight worried about our Joe…wait and see
Tomorrow might rain…Joe might be better…might go to WWOOF…flexible in decisions

Lots of steel about

This gives us a good chuckle

Finding a camp spot here is tricky

We did well tonight all things considered

What will tomorrow bring?

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