87 days remaining (18 to Hokkaido)

We are back in cycle touring business!!!
SHIKOKU: 7am turn pedals on Shikoku…Shikoku famous for its 88 Temple pilgrimage…THE place in Japan to search for Spiritual Perfection…now THATS something! If there are any cyclists reading this blog, and are interested in touring Japan…consider SHIKOKU…rugged interior, big mountain passes, villages, & Temples…wild Pacific Coastline offering surfing & snorkelling…I suspect after our trip it will be SHIKOKU (more than Tokyo or I-still-cry-for-you-JE JU) that we regret most for not having explored…but, it is what it is, and HOKKAIDO is about 20 days away.
Moving on…hugging peninsular we all finding cycling rhythm again…bit disorientated after the 48 transition from Korea, 2 ferries, and a full days riding two city pavements in a sleep deprived fog…an hours lunch beside the beach Brad sleeps on concrete stairs…Sam & Joe fill their shoes and pants with beach sand trying to dig a hole back to Scotland…
On on…find our ‘office’ for essential ADMIN…today it’s a ‘Lawsons’ mini-supermarket offering free wi-fi (with complicated registration process to navigate…with added challenge of it all in Japanese)…freshly ground coffee (Sam in his element making these for grateful parents)…photocopier for copying maps in case Brad gets lost…upload yesterday’s blog entry, contact next WWOOF, check weather forecast (forget to check out satellite images potential camp spots)…
On on…arrive at much hyped Seven Bridges (yawn…) The SHIMANAMI KAIDO bicycle route spanning 70km of islands crossing from 四国 to Western 本州…we crane our necks upwards to look see expressway bridge towering 100m up in the air…brace ourselves busy road, Pinball Pavement, Stressful riding…how amazing can a bridge be?
Answer: pretty damn amazing…paint-by-numbers dedicated cycle lane up a ‘helter-skelter’ to join first of seven bridges…pause watch man feeding red kite and Raven…Joe CLICK-CLICK…and then…well…looking down 100m (Heidi’s vertigo kicking in big time) behind us loom 四国 impressive 山 (mountain…look at it carefully, a great Japanese Kanji…山) in front of us more islands surrounded blue waters…wave to cool looking Japanese cyclists (conspicuous absence of Masked Bike Bandit Bling)…blue sky…cool winds so high up…massive freighter passes beneath…after about 5 saddle hours and 70km we ready to stop…look down and see a few small tents erected on free camping spot with basic facilities…scooters and bicycles beside tents…arrive at locals favourite spot…tiny island… only accessed by bicycle and motorbike… Parents erect tent while Sam & Joe search for beach treasures…experiment setting sun camera features…camp gas supper…tent reading…sleep…zzz
Tomorrow cross the remaining bridges (need to find a coin laundry somewhere) and head north towards WWOOF 5…wild camp sleep and then following day (when rain is forecast) arrive at WWOOF 5…

SAM DIARY ENTRY: today we went over three absolutely beautiful bridges, one of which had a halter-shelter just for cyclists and pedestrians.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today we saw some whirlpools, not of the kind you get in a fantasy book, but a proper whirlpool with Standing waves and calm spots in the middle.

Island hopping by bridge next two days


Our office…note location adult manga to photocopier…


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