85 days remaining (16 days until Hokkaido)

Action packed, classic days touring…firstly, Joe on the mend improving through the day…not there yet, but improving. A day when we woke (thankfully dry) behind public loos (with hi-tech loo having handy electric wall socket 😀 for iPad & camera charging) but went to sleep, safe, dry, warm & inside large room listening to frog chorus…today Brad met a South-African who grew up in Weltervreden Park, Johannesburg…the SAME small suburb Brad lived in! (another member of the white South African diaspora…(in every little village around the world has one)…after multi-million pound bridges of Japanese engineering brilliance we crossed the final sound on a tiny put-put barge…a rope-carriage up up up to visit temples & shrines above the higgeldy-piggledy ship town of 尾道…cycling inland aiming for nothing but a star on the map denoting somebody who has embraced Organic values and is happy to share their interpretation with four cyclists from Scotland…within two minutes of taking a minor road detour a four bicycle pile-up avoiding a snake crossing road…missed it by millimetres…then…I kid you not…a few 100m later…a troop of wild monkeys on the road…our hearts still pumping adrenaline of near snake miss (all practiced in lifting legs high off pedals if do ride over snake when in sandals shorts) & wild monkeys…take minor road up the steepest and toughest soul destroying surely-this-gradient-and-climb-has-to-stop-somewhere road we have EVER cycled up…a new Family Record… tears going up…laughter coming down …catching only 10 minutes of the predicted rain we finally arrived thrilled at WWOOF 5…Spanish, sourdough, pizza & tapas restaurant, masonry bees, giant bees, swallow nests, rice paddies, wheat fields…this is gonna be good….

SAM DIARY ENTRY: rope way, snake, troop of wild monkeys on the road. “Steepest hill in Japan”. Nobody knows about it. WWOOF V.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Today I went on my first rope way ever bla bla bla. When we were zooming down a hill, Sam almost ran over a snake, Sam also freaked out! 10seconds later we heard screeching and out of the trees came a troop of monkeys! On the beach where we woke up, we found loads of treasures including beautiful, priceless pottery. Also, I was quite poorly and that night we slept by a skatepark, and I jumped in the air

This morning Joe seemed better

Our office parking

Temple refreshments

Walking back to the bikes

Never tire of seeing rural Japanese small holdings

Got to concentrate to keep ride heavy bikes uphill narrow pavements with deep drops on the left

There is good reason why this is a minor road

We arrive at what has only been a star on Google maps

Home for the next few days

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