83 days remain (2 of 2 OHESOCAFE WWOOF)

Cool little Time lapse HEIDIS BIRTHDAY GARDEN here 

HEIDIS FACEBOOK UPDATE: First, all safe and now in Hiroshima prefecture, not Kumamoto so didn’t feel earthquake.. But a reminder of the craziness of nuclear reactors in this wonderful country where the earth moves so often (!) we made it smoothly back into Japan, and with some relief.. Although our Korean time had been a valuable chance to see a tiny part of a very different neighbour, and we welcomed the spice and colour, the peace and thoughtfulness in japan is easier to travel In for us. Some pics from both places here.. We met some wonderful people in korea, including the worlds friendliest policeman on a bike, and ate some fantastic food.. Though didn always know just what.. Tried to stay veggie there! We endured two overnight ferries in a row, and did some tough riding through towns and tunnels to reach this wee haven.. A Japanese -Spanish family whose endless energies and vision haw grown a super organic restaurant and bakery. Brad got up at 3 this morning to bike down to the converted gas station which has been reborn as a bakery..to find out how the pros knock out 400 sourdough loaves a day.. While the boys and I wake up listening to an amazing dawn chorus and will go down to toast some of the delicious bread for breakfast. Lots of chat about how to fit a wood burning pizza and bread oven into our life.. Anyone want to come visit when we get home to make sure it gets well used? Food, and its production has been a wonderful and very tasty focus on our winding journey.. Just as well we’re cycling long ways with a heavy load! Much love to all.. Thinking of so many friends and feeling very lucky to have so much to look forward to when we get home. X x

HEIDIS BIRTHDAY UPDATE: Have had fab birthday. sunny breakfast, birthday task of gas station garden makeover completed by team Carroll, wood cooked sourdough pizza lunch best ever, and now cooking our tea in pizza oven as it cools.. thanks for all the wishes from far and wide, hope to see you all soon X X

BRAD: tomorrow we on bikes again heading towards start of Japan’s ‘Central Urban’ belt…rain forecast tomorrow evening so not sure how we will play things…coming up over next few weeks…art islands, Kobe, Osaka (Japan’s second city)…Nara (deer in park…old historic)…Kyoto (cultural capital)…meeting up with Kaede (WWOOFER we spent time with in Scotland, and over Christmas)…Warm Showers host…all leading towards the Ferry North to HOKKAIDO…

SAM DIARY ENTRY: MUMMY’S 39th BIRTHDAY. Today as Mummy’s birthday cake she got a very good wood fired ‘pizza cake’. We also built a wall, cleared and rebuilt a garden in an old neglected gas station.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: In the garden there are some giant bees (about the length of my thumb). They were black with little red bits. Also for Mummy’s birthday we started redoing the soil by the gas station bakery. For Mummy’s birthday present I gave here my felted crane I had made. In the garden there were lots of bull frogs. The bull frogs had claws

Time lapse vids here

Before and after of what has become HEIDIS BIRTHDAY GARDEN



Brads Bread porn


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