84 Days remaining (1 of 2 days WWOOF OHESOCAFE)

OHESOCAFE HERE: Another WWOOF, another inspiring story being lived…Frank (Valencia, Spain born, Graphic Designer by training) met his now wife Kyoko (local Born) when both young WWOOFERS  in Italy…Frank found himself living in Japan, zero language…, “I had to think hard to say KONICHIWA”…they started a cafe specializing Organic ingredients, Spanish Food…difficulty buying bread locally Frank started baking the odd loaf in their kitchen…self taught off YouTube…cafe flourished…meanwhile one loaf became two…four…sixteen…tomorrow, Frank needs to have 500 loaves ready…using the original SOURDOUGH he started six years ago (basically from bakers side of things…you become a SOURDOUGH SLAVE…gotta keep the SOURDOUGH happy…with commercial yeast YOU are the boss…as SOURDOUGH SLAVE Frank was up at 5am to transfer SIRE SOURDOUGH from fridge to proving cupboard…1 minute job…then back home to bed)…

A WWOOF host with SIRE SOURDOUGH calling the shots means Brad has died and gone to heaven (he will help in a working artisan bakery!!!)…Frank and Kyoko meanwhile have their two-year old son to look after, 9 staff to manage, cafe customers (fully booked days in advance) to feed…oh, and to develop the old gas station (and neighboring building) into a larger bakery and who knows what…The farm side of things is managed by Kyoko’s parents. 

Frank & Kyoko stopped hosting WWOOFERS with birth of their son a couple years back, and Clan Carroll fortunate to see this inspiring story (still very much being written) because of a group Facebook message from Jirosan (WWOOF 4, TARO TARO TARO) which Kyoko picked up on…

Today, the cafe is closed and Frank & Kyoko have their day ‘off’…whatever that means for this couple…morning Brad heads to old gasoline station bakery to watch 90kg of bread dough being prepared…Heidi and boys unpack panniers, dry tents, sleeping bags, mats, clothes wash etc…

Spend day easy around the closed cafe, amble into town for wee explore…aim to rest up, fatten up on some incredible food from cafe (imported Spanish cheese, hams)…just ENJOY having wifi (boys watch Wizard Of Oz on iPad), fresh food, huge room…

Must note the flocks of bees and other oversize insects ( a worm as big as a small snake) we finding…and of course another snake encounter (lethal species today…thankfully dead)…huge insects (Japan’s high rainfall and hours of sunlight…at moment we latitude 34 N, same as California, Algeria, places plenty sunlight) means plenty food for birds (Joe will testify to this) and snakes.

Tomorrow, Heidi’s birthday a long way from home, but will certainly be a memorable one…WWOOF wise, we will try make SOMETHING out of the garden outside the Old gasoline station bakery (challenging because only one day and soil not great many years spilled petrol)…Brad up at 3 help shape and bake the 90kg dough (all hail SIRE SOURDOUGH)…following day move on again…we still have many places to go and people to meet…Clan Carroll probably better suited to farms with drop loos and wood fired stoves than the Michelin Star (surely only a matter of time) OHESOCAFE…

SAM DIARY ENTRY: Our WWOOF hosts are Spanish and Japanese and they have a pizza oven in their cafe and also a bakery. They are very kind.

JOE DIARY ENTRY: Coming back from shopping, after watching the swallows we saw a dead snake on the driveway. I jumped out and daddy starting prodding it to see if it was playing dead (ed. I probably shouldn’t have done that) It didn’t move, apparently dead. So we put it into different shapes to make it look less dead. In the end we plucked up enough courage to hold it by its tail.




All bow before SIRE SOURDOUGH 

It’s all the same as baking bread at home except MUCH BIGGER…

Machines that go PING for SIRE SOURDOUGH 

Tomorrows challenge

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