82 days remaining (13 days until HOKKAIDO)

Back On The Bikes after a brief WWOOF pause…a solid & satisfying touring day…we now routinely cover between 70km & 75km (around 5 hours saddle time) even on tricky days…today was notable because we were ‘in control’ all day…good scores on THREE criteria WITHIN our control: 1 Route Choice (including time spent hunched over maps); 2 Stops (shop, pee, picnic), 3 Wild Camp site (time to find, suitability)…but there were also good scores on criteria OUTWITH our control: 1 Terrain (handy River through City of Fukayama 深山 (pronounced bOOt NOT bUck)), 2 Weather (low to mid 20’s midday), 3 Wind (slight headwind but OK) 4 Road Surface (reflected in high average speed…Sam reckons around 16km/hr or 10miles/hr…we covered over 70km in 4.5 hrs saddle time) 

One of best things about living outdoors all day is hearing natures playtrack 24/7…especially now it’s Spring in full flow…we are accompanied all day and night by nature sounds…not just birds from dawn to dusk, but also the other sounds of frogs, insects, and, tonight, a tame TANUKI (raccoon dog)…
Tonight rain forecast easing tomorrow morning…then should be easy strong tailwind along coast to next ferry port where we sleep. Official campsite next to ♨️ spotted, so should sleep clean of all suntan lotion…

SAM DIARY ENTRY:Today we cycled 75km of ‘easy’. We also saw a dead and live TANUKI (but he is rightfully called TANUKI-SAN)

JOE DIARY ENTRY: While cycling along the road we saw a dead raccoon dog! Because our camp spot was near there we could go back to it. Also there was a feral dog around our tent! In the rivers there are snakes. In the beach where we were camping I buried myself (ed. and brought the beach into the tent), when a wave came, it was amazing how quickly I got up! 

Heading off…t’was a good place, next time stay six months!
Followed river today

Joe spending more time looking at birds and turtles than road

Good pavement urban riding

Typical rural scene




Nearly there…sun down one hour

Home tonight

Joe wanted to ride an extra 3km (after 72km  day) to look at smelly, decaying TANUKI 

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