79 days remaining (10 until Hokkaido) 

We ❤️ Shodoshima Island (Far East’s Greece)…Kicking the day off with Dawn Chorus & Traditional Japanese breakfast (and rice balls for lunch) brought to our tent by kind lady who provided supper last night…Ending the day perched high up ONSEN ♨️ warmed & naked looking down & over 播磨灘…deep blue sky & 34 degree longitude Sun providing INTENSE COLOURS forested mountains, sea, Japanese village below, from deep blue sky…NOW FOR THE BEST BIT…after ♨️ we will be returning to a tent…that is ALREADY ERECTED! (usually the thought of having to build camp in stealth mode with head torches shrinks the full ♨️ experience)…

Today forces were split, and at 13.52 Brad collapsed exhausted at the feet of Heidi, Sam, Joe…at Soy Sauce factory&emus rum…you see, the plan was for Brad to cycle up & over 800m island and return scenic peninsular road for 13.00 (while rest visited boring stuff)…and, because of the (highly unlikely) event that Brad OVERESTIMATED his cycling ability and UNDERESTIMATED volcanic created hilly terrain a one hour buffer enforced…if Brad not back by 14.00 Heidi start ALARMED…well, Brad OVERESTIMATED & UNDERESTIMATED and had an emotional final hours cycling (Shut Up Legs)…a tunnel (not updated on the map) saved his bacon…as it turned out, Heidi had predicted Brad would OVERESTIMATE & UNDERESTIMATE and bought soya sauce flavoured ice-creams…then unstructured afternoon cue 7 & 9 year olds bored and playing up driving one another and parents crazy…40min cycle to ONSEN cure…

Tomorrow big shift gear…take a deep breath and (em)brace ourselves for Urban Japan…first, early morning start to catch 7am ferry to Kobe to see our Japanese friend, KAEDE, who WWOOFED in UK for the whole of 2015 and spent Christmas with us…and find bicycle shop URGENTLY – we have a Priority A snapped spoke issue

Stealth camp breakfast tent service

One half Clan Carroll split


Other half


Camped under olive trees

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