80 days remaining (11 until Hokkaido)

Journey to Japan’s historic & cultural heartland continues…but first…a taste of Greece in the Far East…olive groves galore on Mediterranean climate SHODOSHIMA ISLAND (accompanied by bizarre Greek statues and colonades)…the dirty squat drop public loos are a step too far though…no problem filling a couple of days here…Brads Brake problem fully resolved at seven 11 store (while Sam brewed the coffees and Joe tested the warm seats of hi-tech loos)…some cool art exhibitions visited…some Sattelite image eye-balling leading to a good secluded spot surrounded by empty holiday homes, thick native forest (looking forward to tomorrow’s 5am dawn chorus), and kind lady who gifted some freshly cooked vegetables and warning about wild boar!…while Sam took action photos of Joe running, jumping, tripping along the beach front wall (bit of a worry the heavy duty waterproofed gates…which are open), Heidi & Brad hammered tent pegs into rocky ground…still air, overcast, perfect midge conditions…”honey, this is the closest to a West Coast Scottish camp so far”…”aye, but no midges”…”no, now we got mosquitoes, poisonous millipedes, snakes, wild boar, feral dogs, TANUKI dogs, biting spiders and flocks of giant bees”…”those over midges…any day”…
Tomorrow Soy Sauce factories, Folk Museums, potteries, art galleries, something Olive Oil related…and splitting forces Brad cycling unladen UP UP UP over 800m road…then plan wild camp near ferry port for early Ferry to KOBE 個別…looking further ahead some WARMSHOWERS set up so looking promising for accommodation options in densely populated urban areas of stage: Japan Heartland

First thing we check when get Wi-fi…

This captures Japan for me: a clutter of shrine, bonsai, industry, electric lines…slightly chaotic, but gentle & safe


A ‘transition day’ bit of a mix.
Planning for final stretch until ferry to Hokkaido…

Evening meal…in Far Easts Greece


First camp not in a public park for a while


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