78 days remaining (9 until Hokkaido)

Today we arrived in Kobe, where you walk along a pedestrian street called “Flower Road”. If you need a bicycle shop, you just ask anybody and they will take you to a really good one. The bike mechanic fixes your bike immediately. Puts a new thread into the frame. Doesn’t charge for labour AND gives you free can of chain oil…In Kobe, if you can’t find your Japanese friend who WWOOFED in Scotland, Ireland, England for one year…you can’t Facebook message her because unsecured free wi-fi and won’t let you…No problem. The Jehovas Witness lady lets you use her phone, and gifts a free book  into the bargain. You need to navigate cycle 20km urban city to find delicious Curry & Rice, Coin Laundromat, and great local ♨️, and cozy flat waiting for you…no worries…good wide pavement (dotted with convenience shops offering coffee & ice-cream)…the cars obey traffic rules and motorbikes don’t try ride you over (see BUSAN, KOREA). You want good, stimulating chat with young twenty something feisty (yet refined) Japanese women…no problem in Kobe with Kaede…Need something to do the following day when heavy rain due? No problem with the marvellous…the magnificent…the incredible KAEDE (who is wisely still sleeping because she will be playing tour guide for Clan Carroll tomorrow)  

Time lapse striking camp this morning HERE

Drying tent top deck ferry…won’t be using it for a week or so

Brad with his Guardian Angel


Plans plans plans…sure to be broken


A great night with an old friend 

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