77 days remaining (8 until Hokkaido)

Heavy rain day. Bus train combo (two coffees and fresh adzuki & roasted soya Mochi snacks along the way)… to Japan’s most visited castle…HIMEJI-JO CASTLE..nicknamed The White Heron castle but Joe tells us the photo on with photo on posters is of an Egret… Joe not impressed…High Rise castle made of WOOD…touristy stuff blah blah…Heidi finds her delayed Birthday Present in form of second hand Kimano shop…one hour later we are Facebook friended with shop owner and staggering home under boxed KIMANOs…TOMORROW find post office, on way to OSAKA for two nights…
Our friends Dave, Rachel, Dylan and Lewis on the road too…Daves interview on radio Scotland HERE, he does a great job articulating what we all feel but haven’t always been able to express in words…

Unusual train perspective from behind the train driver

Expected Himeji Castle


Tourists keep floor polished

We were tourists today

 Tomorrow terrain…lots of pavement hopping


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