76 days remaining (7 until Hokkaido)

70km of pavement riding to arrive at free designated Camp Spot in the centre of OSAKA. Although route easy enough (follow road NO.2…then North along the river…then Due EAST), challenge was to keep focussed while waiting for the three thousand(ish) Green Men to appear on Traffic lights. Green Man accompanied by what can only be described as sound of short bursts of laser guns being fired by Stormtroopers against Princess Leila, Hans Solo & two of those cute bear things…pew…pew pew…pew…pew pew. Very heartening to see so many Japanese cyclists sharing pavements. Fascinating views of Urban Japan all day. )…Although we’d been warned about intensity of OSAKA aggressive driving (population density 12 000 people per km) after Busan…a walk-in-the-park…Navigated final hour to campsite using River and the setting sun…follow your shadow evening means DUE EAST…Camp spot in OSAKA city park great, after pitching  tent Princess Leila & Hans Solo sipped on draught beer (two each) while the two bear cubs fished for freshwater crayfish. Then evening ONSEN (biggest so far! pure cultural experience using mega-city ONSENCasualties today include an E-Reader that has gone haywire and a front pannier rack ripped (bolt & all) from bike frame. All in a days work.

Tomorrow get to leave tent up for the day and explore OSAKA.


Nearly 70km of this

And this

Quick fruit stop

Finally arrive Osaka


But first deal with pannier ripped from bicycle frame.

Ever present reminders of life on top of platonic plates.

Eventually follow our shadow home



  1. Brad – late response as I was weekending without laptop. Good progress across the city!
    A question that the ever-present geoscientist in me has for you: Your use of “platonic plates”… is this deliberate (and therefore humor-based) avoidance of the actual term – “tectonic”? Sorry if it is. I’m obviously way too serious.


    • Very funny…thanks for pointing out Jaimin…well, that’s any chance I had of cracking a job in the Oil Industry gone…


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