73 days remaining (4 until Hokkaido)

5.30am Heidi & Brad some Hokkaido planning…quick Hokkaido weather check…!!!..will have to search out Winter Woollens put away since 阿蘇山 WWOOF…today in NARA the forecast is 26c…(note: Scotland MIGHT be lucky to hit 26c this year…or any year for that matter)…Clan Carroll hit Historic & Cultural NARA (BBC clip HERE)…HISTORY & CULTURE ALERT: Deer in Nara Park with Japanese people goes back over 2000 years…Were once considered sacred and MESSENGERS FROM THE GODS…Today God’s messenger has evolved to pose for Selfies…and to survive exclusively on 150¥ bags of biscuits…other sights in NARA PARK include the whopping great number of tourists photographing buildings, trees, flowers, poo…if it’s a noun, it gets a CLICK…Brad spent all day trying to photograph the photographers photographing…in a huff because nobody laughed at his “what do you call a deer with no eye and no legs” joke…

Tomorrow, Clan Carroll will give their considered verdict on the fourth & final chamber of Japan’s HISTORY & CULTURE HEARTLAND…watch out KYOTO…

GRANDPARENT MESSAGE: backdated Sam & Joe diary entries uploaded

16m high WORLDS LARGEST BUDDAH was…INCREDIBLE!!! If you wanna know how Jack felt after climbing his Beanstalk…Todai-Ji is the place you want to go…built to appease gods’ and stop earthquakes & small pox…original Buddah destroyed by Earthquakes…shoddy 

Joe also got married today

Heidi in her happy place

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