74 days remaining (5 until Hokkaido)

‘Examination of Japanese HEARTLAND continues…KOBE (castle OK, 2nd Hand Kimano Shop BIG thumbs up) & OSAKA (late night partying not-so-much, City Park YES YES YES)…next stop NARA…but first, under blue skies, follow 淀 川 on dedicated cycle way…Sunday, which means….play with your balls day! How Japan loves to play on Sundays…from safety of saddles Clan Carroll observed many types of balls and activities being enjoyed…it seems EVERYONE was out along the 川 bank enjoying the Spring Sunshine…Clan Carroll eventually arrived at WARMSHOWERS host on 5th floor flat…their breathes were taken away at being greeted by, after 108 days, finally…the perfectly imagined ZEN living space…uncluttered, clean, tatami mats…oh, the sense of space & calm..Tiphaine & Tristan (French) tell us they are still trying to furnish their flat, after only recently arrived in Japan…Tomorrow NARA gets the Clan Carroll treatment…

POST NOTE: thank you Jaimin for pointing out my confusing Tectonic Plates with Plutonic Plates…Heidi and our French hosts having a good chuckle

Overnight rain kept OSAKA YOUTH away from campsite.

Some creative road repairs (cable ties & pipe clamp very useful)

A familiar sight in OSAKA.

As is Baseball

And this

During a picnic lunch of おにぎりwe dried our tent

Seeing how many Japanese live, from our 川 cycle way.

And cursing each and every one of the 19 ankle bike biters that we had to lift our fully laden bikes over


Before ending our day here…

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