71 days remaining (2 until Hokkaido)

Tonight is our last sleeping in a bed with electricity & wi-fi on tap for a while…tomorrow we will leave our KYOTO hostel dressed in full waterproofs to begin the final stage of our Japan WWOOF & Cycle adventure …HOKKAIDO…but first we will cycle two days North (one full day in rain & unfavorable wind ☹️) to eventually catch a 21 hour ferry 1 300km north to where it is still cold…(why do we do this to ourselves?)…with a population density of about 70 per km2…and most of that taken up by Sapporo…we will be in areas where electricity & wifi will be less reliable, as will be blog updates.

We are all very excited (and more than a bit nervous) for this next adventure taking us right next to the border of Russia (part of Japan for less than 150 years)…bears…wild hot springs…wilderness…mountains…national parks galore…exciting WWOOF…HOKKAIDO, here we come…

Window cleaners in Kyoto

Joe’s Borrower found some friends

Some Geishi in training

Art museums always offer some respite in cities…this one particularly good exhibition of work we all identifies with.

Watching the start of a 32 hour rain period…in which we will cycle a road leading us to the Hokkaido ferry

Hokkaido is roughly the same size as Ireland, Scotland, and the place that inspired us to come to Japan…


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