72 days remaining (3 until Hokkaido)

Today we arrived at KYOTO… EPICENTER of everything associated with Japan…(Tokyo being the new-kid-on-the-block)…then we found the EPICENTER of the EPICENTER….the apex of the OBEDIENCE & LOYALTY pyramid…the foundation of what it is/has been to be Japanese…set amidst a quiet park with a few joggers about…we stood less than 100m from the residence of the Japanese EMPEROR. 

With our planned 8 day exploration of the KOBE-OSAKA-KYOTO metropolis (population of 19million) nearly complete, we will spend tomorrow exploring a bit more of KYOTO (1000 year capital of Japan)…

Heading off fattened up and well rested two nights WARMSHOWERS 

Following the levee, easy way navigate through urban metropolis of 19million people

Within urban landscape many small vegetable & fruit allotments…😊

Our office…always exciting to start a fresh new map…

Compass and map needed to find our way to our Hostel…

Through the ‘a-maze-ing’…

network of narrow alleys

…and then an understated sign

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