70 days remaining (1 until Hokkaido)

Day one of two cycling towards HOKKAIDO ferry…a tough one…rain, wind, slippery pavements, busy roads (especially trucks)…par for the course riding in heavily populated urban metropolitan area…cashed in on a few ‘rainy day’ treats to keep morale up, legs spinning…and bodies warm…vibe & blog research tells us free camping alongside Lake Biwa NOT AN OPTION (think camping issues facing  Loch Lomond but with Glasgow with population over 20 million)…official campsite (awarded one star because has own natural hit spring) wanted charge over £40 (including £16 for bicycles?!?!)…parents look outside reception at shivering children waiting at bikes, in rain, wind picking up…darkness fast approaching…manage to haggle 50% reduction (nobody likes seeing a grown man crying)…

Tomorrow start of National Holiday GOLDEN WEEK (terms of road & park business we are afraid, very afraid…hence urgency to get to Hokkaido ASAP)…late evening board ferry (reserved berth…remember its GOLDEN WEEK now) then all day ferry (Joe hoping to see Albatross) arriving Hokkaido late evening…suitable free camp Satellite eyeballed near ferry port…many WWOOF hosts getting back to us so plans beginning to take shape.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Japan ‘mainland’…

An early climb leaving KYOTO towards Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake

Although tens of millions people live within a 100km radius, there are many forested mountains

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