69 days remaining (Night ferry to Hokkaido)

Navigate 65 km today using wind… Headwind = keep going…Tailwind = turn around…stunning, traffic free road skirting Lake Biwa. Passing peletons local club riders enjoying first day GOLDEN WEEK…Clan Carroll on laden touring bikes drawing plenty cheers & waves, helping legs push against the wind…Lake Biwa long & deep history because relative close proximity to JAPANESE CULTURAL & HISTORIC HEARTLAND (see previous 8 days)…passing plenty activity rice farms, reminding Clan Carroll of Iriomote back in early January ….SUBTROPICAL Coral Reef swimming Iriomote…Warm & Humid Iriomote…tonight (nearly 4 months later, 29 April) at 23.00 Clan Carroll board the SHIN NIHONKAI bound for HOKKAIDO…drifting Ice HOKKAIDO…1972 Winter Olympics Hokkaido… BUT FIRST…strong winds whipping water & stomachs up…Heidi, who avoids escalaters, keeping stash sea-sickness tablets close at hand…

One comment

  1. thank you for the postcard sam, joe, heidi and brad! its good to see all your pictures… love sam and toby xxx


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