22 days remaining 

Heavy rain all night. Tent has HOLES. Water likes HOLES. We gotta move. Sam & Joe loving life in the rain, Parents less so. At least it’s not snowing (been there, done that). Our fox caught a crow. Perhaps the same crow that, yesterday, drained a bottle of bubble mixture that was secure INSIDE a bag on Sam’s bike. Another indoor day (coffee, Kapaa, Internet, needle felting, diary, news). Tonight we WILL camp inside The Dome because the public campsite is now public wetland. Turns out, the CAMPING PROHIBITED applies to certain sections of The Dome only. The Dome was, all along, an option. Oh, how we laughed as we spent the afternoon trying to get our tent, sleeping bags & mats dry. 

The Dome is a 450m Japanese version of Rome’s Colosseum. A very Japanese thing to take a Western item and replicate with improvements. Everything gets ‘Japanesefied’. A book on THAT particular theme awaits.

 Another RAINY REST DAY forecast in three days. Two clear weather days ahead of us…


  1. Hi Heidi, Brad and bambinos. Can hardly believe you are on the home stretch. How will you cope coming home and being under the same roof for more than a day or two? What wonderful memories you have given the boys…and yourselves. Brad will need to get s publisher when he gets home…….modern technology has its uses…….being able to look back in detail about your adventures. Take care and safe journey home…..and see you soon Heidi. xx
    PS. 95 km……I can’t quite get my head round that distance !!. Mandy xx

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    • Thanks Mandy…Heidi sending tons of love. Another rainy day over with about days dry until next deluge. We excited to hit road again and explore more coast of beautiful Hokkaido. Joe’s birthday in 2 days so great excitement from him.


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