23 days remaining 

Managed to find a free public camp site last night…up steep hill into the mist. A fox watched us pitch our tent. We tried shooing it away. Fox didn’t budge. There are a few other tents pitched, but no sign of anyone. It’s all really eerie. In the morning we find Internet and read about a rogue bear in Northern Honshu that has eaten it’s fourth human. Four people in three weeks.

While yesterday was about replacing brakes & tyres, today is about replacing wellies. We also find shelter in a carpeted public space on the second floor of 稚内 train station. Internet, coffee, playroom. Jobs a good ‘un. Playroom has BEST MONEY CAN BUY for Sam & Joe to enjoy (While Japan does children facilities really well, child protection is a bit suspect). Heidi uses Internet to Facebook. What amazing friends we have. Friends we miss. Friends that are less than a month away.

Later we walk wet along a straight road to an all-you-can-eat (we do). The drenching from passing cars & trucks worth it.

Tomorrow will be more of the same with forecast of more 雨 雨 雨…


  1. Well done gang. Adventure continues. Nothing has changed here – so don’t get too homesick! It will all be waiting for your return. Stay positive and stay away from those bears! x

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